Start Ordering

A quick and simple guide to ordering with Ordapad.

Ordapad allows you to quickly and easily order from any of your favourite suppliers and companies. Using our powerful search engine, you can find products, companies, previous orders and more to quickly build up a new order.

1. Search

From the Ordapad home page you can start by answering the question What do you need?. Type a product or company name into the search box to find results. Products will appear in the results, alongside links to Company Pages, your Pads, and even links to your recent orders.

If you can't find what you want, don't worry, we have you covered! Simply start typing the product name into the search box, then click the green Add Line button. You can then select a supplier, or type an email address and name with the not found supplier option. Click the Okay button to save your changes to the line.

2. Add to Draft

Ordapad gives you multiple ways to add items to your new order, here are our favourites:

Search Results

After searching, you can click the tick button found beside a Product or Pad name. This will add the product or products to your current order.

Company Pads and your personal Private Pads

If you're are visiting a company's page, you can add products from their Pads, just click the green tick button found beside the product name to add it.

You can also find your saved pads by going to Pads in the menu. If you have saved pads, you will see an Add All button for each pad, which will add all of the products in the pad.

Recent and Previous Orders

If you have previously ordered with Ordapad, you can find your previous orders by going to Orders in the menu. Select an order, then you will see an Add to Cart button, which will add all of the selected products to your current order.

From the Ordapad home page, you will see your recently ordered items, which you can quickly add to your current order by clicking the green tick button.

3. Checkout & Send

When you are ready to send your order, simply select the Shopping Cart icon to view the Cart, then select Checkout.

You will see a summary of your order details. From the Summary page, you can select your payment method, add messages to sellers and add a "required by" date and time.

When you are ready, select the Send Order button to send the order to the sellers.